PS. Don’t use tampons

The other day I wrote a facebook status that I didn’t think too much about. I wrote it quickly and posted before I even proof read it. This was it:

Today my doctor compared toxic shock syndrome to flesh eating bacteria and told me that if you took a biopsy of my muscles it would look like someone took a hammer to them. Well, this explains a whole heck of a lot about why I’ve still been feeling so poorly 😁

PS Don’t use tampons

My dear friend, Christine, commented that I should start a blog. I dismissed it. Then I had dinner with her and she mentioned it again. Specifically she said, “If God puts it on your heart to start this blog, you really should. You might help someone by doing so.” I replied, “Sometimes I want to share my heart and sometimes I want to protect it.”

God has played a big role in my sickness and recovery. He has sent me many, many messages, though most were not so literal. Last night He was speaking to me again and I’m choosing to listen. I’m going to share my heart with you. It won’t be all at once but I won’t hold back.




11 thoughts on “PS. Don’t use tampons

  1. I appreciate you sharing. I’ve probably only used one once since I gave birth to Emma. Even then, I was very cautious about it and probably will switch back to pads overall.

    I’m actually curious to see if the Honest brand of tampons are actually better or just as bad as anything else on the shelf.


  2. Well done Audrey! You are an inspiration to all women! We don’t know what you have until we nearly loose it! Thank you for putting the information out there for all to see! Xxx


  3. Audrey. I don’t use Facebook (lame I know!)…and so I knew you were sick but didn’t know what caused it. So thank you for putting your story out there for everyone to understand.
    Thanks for this information. I want to learn more!


  4. Great that you are sharing your story and knowing that it will help someone else. As I get older approaching the BIG 50, I agree tampons are a health hazard and your experience has been a huge wake up call that this can really happen. Thank you for sharing Audrey! #psdontusetampons


  5. Thank you for sharing your story Audrey I have also taken the risk of using them longer than the warning sign says to. Life gets busy and you ignore things like that thinking it won’t happen to you. Best wishes for a wonderful long life with your family.


  6. Well done Audrey all our prayers were answered when you began to recover and we will keep praying for you & Marc & the boys. Xxx


  7. Audrey, you and Marc have shown considerable courage in your adversity. I agree with you Marc shows a humility when he succeeds in golf rarely seen in many sportsmen. He is a quiet but strong Australian who definitely loves his family.


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